Welcome to Our Music Learning website!

Hello there. Pull up a chair and settle down to learn about the magical world of music. Welcome to Get Inside The Music. We are a small groups based in Gorleston, just shy of Great Yarmouth who help children of all ages learn about how great music is with basic training across a wide range of instruments.

We can help anyone from 1 to 100 play music. With special classes for schools, nurseries and youth groups, as well special sessions for mothers and toddlers, Get Inside The Music is the best way of getting young people interested in music.


If you like the sounds of that, and the sound of music, then please take a look around our site.

Why should you chose us?

  • The Harmony of Music The harmonious sounds of music can heal your soul. You can find the desired relax and peace in it. Open your heart to music and let the beauty overtake you.
  • The Happiness of Music Listening to good music will make you not only in better harmony to yourself but also will make you happier.
  • The Art of Music There are various trends and genres of music you will learn. It is never too late or early! Dive in the fascinating world of sounds!