Local links

We work with a number of companies in the area to get their kids excited about the wonderful world of music. Here are a few that we are proud to work with.

  • Pavilion Theatre

The best place in town to view a cheery musical that all the family can enjoy. Never a dull day when a visit here is on the cards.

  • Tides

We can usually be found in here on a Sunday. The roast is a great excuse for the family to get out by the seaside for an easy Sunday.

  • Abbots

This web link to Gorleston estate agency is your way to see some lovely house in the area, sold by people who love to spread our business to locals. They’re the cheeriest bunch of agents we’ve ever come across.

  • Crowhall Green

In the summer time there’s no better place to get outside and do some lessons in than this little green. Don’t be surprised to find us and the little one banging a tambourine here on a sunny day.

  • Gambas

Our favourite restaurant. Head any day of the week and you’ll be certain to get the only the freshest seafood available.